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Sponsors Will be Announced

· All sponsors will get their name and/or logo in our advertising (such as the calls for papers of the conference). Their name and logo will be published in the conference proceedings.
· Different types of sponsorships can be offered, including:
  • Student Sponsorships: This would be mainly for students presenting papers, to pay for travel, hotel and/or conference fees etc. We would have to work with companies and provide names of students to them; possibly the selection of students would be made by individual companies, as they may want to select papers on particular topics of interest to them.
  • Trade Space Rental: This will allow companies to demonstrate software or products. Possibly different prices would be offered to non-profit vs. for-profit groups; higher, for-profit rates would likely include a complimentary registration allowance.
  • Monetary Sponsorship: The conference can include product announcements or samples in the registration package for each conference participant. All sponsor employees will receive member rates for conference registration. (Non-member rates are at least 25\% higher than member rates.) For various tiers of sponsorship we may include trade space rental and/or complementary registrations.
· Also, the conference may offer the opportunity for a special period in which sponsors can demonstrate their products or their current research/development projects. This can be organized as part of the conference software exhibitions.
Potential Sponsors (joint sponsors with WI'07 & IAT'07 )

  • Addison Wesley
  • AT&T Research
  • Bell Labs
  • Brio
  • Course Technology
  • Crystal Decisions
  • Dell
  • Elsevier
  • Google
  • HP Research
  • Hyperion
  • IBM Silicon Valley
  • IBM
  • IEEE-Computer Society Local Chapter
  • Intel
  • Microsoft
  • NASA
  • Nokia
  • Oak Ridge National Labs
  • Oracle
  • Pfizer
  • Sony
  • Verizon
  • Yahoo
Last update: 31 Jan 2007