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About BIBM 2007

IEEE BIBM 2007 will provide a general forum for disseminating the latest research in bioinformatics and biomedicine. It is a multidisciplinary conference that brings together academic and industrial scientists from computer science, biology, chemistry, medicine, mathematics and statistics. It will exchange research results and address open issues in all aspects of bioinformatics and biomedicine and provide a forum for the presentation of work in databases, algorithms, interfaces, visualization, modeling, simulation, ontologyand other computational methods, as applied to life science problems, with emphasis on applications in high throughput data-rich areas in biology, biomedical engineering. IEEE BIBM 2007   intends to attract a balanced combination of computer scientists, biologists, biomedical engineers, chemist, data analyzer, statistician.

There are many relevant past activities organized by the BIBM 2007 organizers: there are many special sessions, workshops and symposium attached to various conferences. Related workshops and symposium  in the past two years include

2005 International Workshop on Data Mining and Bioinformaitcs, May 12, 2005 Singapore. The workshop received 35 papers and 12 papers were accepted. The workshop were published in the lecture note in Computer Science as part of the 2005 International Conference on Computational Science and Application

2006 IEEE ICDM International Workshop on Data Mining in Bioinformatics Dec. 18, 2006, HongKong.  The workshop had 96 submissions and 27 papers were accepted in the proceedings. 

ISBRA 2006 (2006 International Symposium on Bioinformatics Research and Applications): Atlanta, GA, USA May, 2006.  ISBRA received 98 papers and accepted 33 papers in the symposium. Proceedings is in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science.  

ISBRA 2007 (2007 International Symposium on Bioinformatics Research and Application) (146 paper submissions)

2007 PAKDD Data Mining in Bioinformatics Workshop

Bioinformatics and Biomedicine has some healthy past performances. BIBM 2007  at San Jose will certainly be another success. BIBM 2007 will co-occur with IEEE/WCI/ACM WI-IAT 2007 and IEEE GrC 2007, which should benefit all the conferences.


Last update: 31 Jan 2007