Current Ph.D. Students, Post-Doc


1.       Yizhou Zang (Recommendation System, co-supervised with Dr. Weimao Ke)

2.       Bo Song (Big Data Analysis, co-supervised with Dr. Weimao Ke)

3.       Zheng Chen (Data Mining)

4.       Yue Zhang (Text Mining, Big Data)

5.       Quan Wei (Deep Learning, NLP)

6.       Xiyao Long (Bioinformatics, Healthcare Informatics)



Graduated Ph.D. Students (2006-Present)

1.       Illhoi Yoo (graduated in 2006, tenured associate professor a Univ. of Missouri-Columbia)

Dissertation Title: Semantic Text Mining and its Application in Biomedical Domain

2.       Davis Zhou (graduated in 2008, Financial Analyst at J.P.Morgan)

Dissertation Title: Semantic-based Language Models for Information Retrieval and Text Mining

3.       Xiaodan Zhang (graduate in 2009, Research Scientist at Vertex Pharmaceuticals)

Dissertation Title: Exploiting External/Domain Knowledge to Enhance Traditional Text Data Mining using Graph-Based Methods

4.       Palakorn Achananuparp (graduated in 2010, research scientist at the SMU-CMU Living Analytics Research Centre)

Dissertation Title: Similarity Measures and Diversity Rankings for Query-Focused Sentence Extraction

5.       Daniel Wu (graduated in 2010, Software Engineer at Affiliated Distributors Inc)

Dissertation Title: The Structure and Function of Biological Networks

6.      Xugeng (George) Xu, (graduated in 2011, Business manager at Verizon)

Dissertation Title: Cluster-based Query Expansion Using Language Modeling for Biomedical Literature Retrieval

7.       Deima Elnatour (graduated in 2011, Program Manager at

Dissertation Title: Recreating Popular User-Generated Tags Effectively and Efficiently by Utilizing Crowdsourcing

8.       Caimei Lu (graduated in 2011, Data Mining Scientist at MARITZ)

Dissertation Title: Exploiting Social Tagging Network for Web Mining and Search

9.       Kaushal Desal (graduated in May 2012, Information Scientist at AstraZenica R&D)

Dissertation Title: Systems Toxicology: mining chemical-toxicity paths to enable network medicine

10.  Xin Chen (graduated in Dec 2012, Senior Engineer at Adelphic Mobile Inc, )

Dissertation Title: Generative Topic Models for Image Data Mining and Bioinformatics Study

11.  Lifan Guo (graduated in Oct 2013, Research Scientist,

Disertation Title: Semantically Enhanced Topic Modeling and its Applications in Social Media

12.  Zhong Huang (graduated in Feb., 2014, Information Scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.)

Dissertation Title: Biomedical Information Extraction: Mining Disease Associated Genes from Literature

13.  Jia Huang (graduated in May 2014, Research Scientist at Samsung)

Dissertation Title: Recommendation with Contextual Information

14.  Anton Slutsky (graduated in May 2015, Lead Data Scientist, EPAM Systems)

Dissertation Title: Towards Effective Knowledge Discovery in Social Media Stream

15.  Zunyan Xiong (graduated in May 2015, TMobile, Data Scientist)

Dissertation Title: Towards Effective Data Clustering based on Non-Negative Matrix Factorization Model

16.  Haozhen Zhao (graduated in September 2015, Managing Consultant, Navigant Consulting, Inc)

Dissertation Title: The Role of Document Structure and Citation Analysis in Literature Information Retrieval

17.  Luis Ahumada (graduated in May 2016, Principal Information Scientist, CHOP)

Dissertation Title: Hybrid Recommender Framework for the Design of Intelligent Clinical Decision Support Tools

18.   Xiaoli Song (graduated in Dec 2016, Data Science Consultant at Apple Inc)

Dissertation Title: Word Pair based Topic Model for Text Understanding

19.  Yuna Ling (graduated in Feb, 2017, Research Scientist,

Dissertation Title: Methods and Techniques for Clinical Text Modeling and Analytics

20.  Ji Wang (graduated in June 2017, Research Scientist at Huawei America)

Dissertation Title: Data Fusion in Non-Stationary Environment

21.  Wanyign Ding (graduated in November 2017, Data Scientist,

Dissertation Title: Aspect Level Public Opinion Detection, Tracking and Visualization on Social Media

22.  Yue Shang (graduated in December 2017, Data Scientist,

Dissertation Title: Studies on User Intent Analysis and Mining

23.  Mengwen Liu (graduated in December 2017, Research Scientist,

Dissertation Title: Question-based Text Summarization

  1. Alex Felmeister (graduated in April 2019, Research Scientist, CHOP)

Dissertation Title: A Unified Framework for Collecting, Annotating, Modeling and

Prediction from Phenotypes in Multi-Institutional Pediatric Data Resources




Visiting Scholars

1.       Prof. Jin Zhao (Visiting Professor, Feb 2018-Feb 2019)

2.       Jinli Zhang (Ph.D Student from Beijing University of Technology, Nov 2018-Nov 2019)

3.       Prof . Xiandi Yang (Visiting Professor, Nov 2017 -Nov 2018)

4.       Prof. Huaxing Yao (Central China Normal University, Ag 2018-Aug 2019)

5.       Prof. Hong Song (Visiting Professor, Dec. 2017-June 2018)

6.       Prof. Dongbo Zhou (Visiting Professor, Sept 2016-Sept 2017)

7.       Prof. Jianliang Gao, (Visiting Professor, March 2015-March 2017)

8.       Prof. Xiwei Tang (Visiting Professor, Oct 2015-Oct 216)

9.       Dr. Yong Zhang (Visiting Professor, Oct 2014-Sept. 2015)

10.   Mr. Yetian Fan (Ph.D. Student from Dalian University of Science and Technology, Nov 2014-Sept. 2016)

11.   Ms. Wen Lou (Ph.D. Student from Wuhan University, Dec 2014-Dec 2015)

12.   Prof. Zhihao Yang (Visiting Professor, Dec 2013-Nov 2014)

13.   Prof. Yuanyuan Sun (Visiting Professor, Dec 2013-Nov 2014)

14.   Xuelian Pan (Ph.D. student from Nanjing University, Oct. 2013-Oct. 2015)

15.   WeiWei Xu (Ph.D. student from Wuhan University, Sept. 2012-Nov. 2014)

16.   Prof. Xianjun Shen (Visiting Professor, Jan 2013-Dec 2013)

17.   Prof. Guo-Zheng Li (Visiting Professor, May 2012-Sept. 2012)

18.   Prof. Yongli Wang (Visiting Professor, Oct 2011-Oct 2012)

19.   Yanpeng Li (Ph.D. student from Dalian University of Technology, Oct 2009-Oct 2010)

20.   Prof. Liu Wei (Visiting Professor, Aug 2010-Aug 2011)

21.   Prof. Zhixiong Wu (Visiting Professor, July-Oct 2010)

22.   Lihua Wei (Ph.D. student from Nanjing University of Science & Technology, May-Oct. 2009)

23.   Ming Xu (Ph.D. student Fudan University, Jan 2008-Dec 2009)

24.   Yayao Zuo (Ph.D. student from Zhongshan University, March 2008-Jan 2009)

25.   Prof. Wu Chen (Visiting Professor, March, 2006-Feb., 2007)

26.   Dr. JiangTao Ren (Visiting Professor, June, 2006-Nov., 2006)




Ph.D. Student Awards: