Current Ph.D. Students, Post-Doc


1.      Haozhen Zhao (Information Retrieval)

2.      Luis Ahumada (Biomedical Database Systems)

3.      Xiaoli Song (Data Mining)

4.      Dr. Xingpeng Jiang (Research Scientist)

5.      NSF CVDI PhD Students: Wanying Ding, Mengwen Liu, Ling Yuan, Yue Shang, Yizhou Zang

6.      Bo Song (Bioinformatics)

7.      Zhen Chen (Data Mining)

8.      Alex Felmeister (Translational Biomedical Informatics)



Graduated Ph.D. Students (2006-Present)

1.      Illhoi Yoo (graduated in 2006, tenured associate professor a Univ. of Missouri-Columbia)

Dissertation Title: Semantic Text Mining and its Application in Biomedical Domain

2.      Davis Zhou (graduated in 2008, Financial Analyst at J.P.Morgan)

Dissertation Title: Semantic-based Language Models for Information Retrieval and Text Mining

3.      Xiaodan Zhang (graduate in 2009, Research Scientist at Vertex Pharmaceuticals)

Dissertation Title: Exploiting External/Domain Knowledge to Enhance Traditional Text Data Mining using Graph-Based Methods

4.      Palakorn Achananuparp (graduated in 2010, research scientist at the SMU-CMU Living Analytics Research Centre)

Dissertation Title: Similarity Measures and Diversity Rankings for Query-Focused Sentence Extraction

5.      Daniel Wu (graduated in 2010, Software Engineer at Affiliated Distributors Inc)

Dissertation Title: The Structure and Function of Biological Networks

6.      Xugeng (George) Xu, (graduated in 2011, Business manager at Verizon)

Dissertation Title: Cluster-based Query Expansion Using Language Modeling for Biomedical Literature Retrieval

7.      Deima Elnatour (graduated in 2011, Program Manager at

Dissertation Title: Recreating Popular User-Generated Tags Effectively and Efficiently by Utilizing Crowdsourcing

8.      Caimei Lu (graduated in 2011, Data Mining Scientist at MARITZ)

Dissertation Title: Exploiting Social Tagging Network for Web Mining and Search

9.      Kaushal Desal (graduated in May 2012, Information Scientist at AstraZenica R&D)

Dissertation Title: Systems Toxicology: mining chemical-toxicity paths to enable network medicine

10.  Xin Chen (graduated in Dec 2012, Senior Engineer at Adelphic Mobile Inc, )

Dissertation Title: Generative Topic Models for Image Data Mining and Bioinformatics Study

11.  Lifan Guo (graduated in Oct 2013, Research Scientist, TCL Research America)

Disertation Title: Semantically Enhanced Topic Modeling and its Applications in Social Media

12.  Zhong Huang (graduated in Feb., 2014, Information Scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.)

Dissertation Title: Biomedical Information Extraction: Mining Disease Associated Genes from Literature

13.  Jia Huang (graduated in May 2014, Research Scientist at Samsung)

Dissertation Title: Recommendation with Contextual Information

14.  Anton Slutsky (graduated in May 2015, Lead Data Scientist, EPAM Systems)

Dissertation Title: Towards Effective Knowledge Discovery in Social Media Stream

  1. Zunyan Xiong (graduated in May 2015)

Dissertation Title: Towards Effective Data Clustering based on Non-Negative Matrix Factorization Model


Visiting Scholars

1.      Dr. Yong Zhang (Visiting Scholar, Oct 2014-Oct 2015)

2.      Mr. Yitian Fan (Ph.D. Student from Dalian University of Science and Technology, Nov 2014-Nov 2016)

3.      Ms. Wen Luo (Ph.D. Student from Wuhan University, Dec 2014-Dec 2015)

4.      Prof. Zhihao Yang (Visiting Professor, Dec 2013-Dec 2014)

5.      Prof. Yuanyuan Sun (Visiting Professor, Dec 2013-Dec 2014)

  1. Xuelian Pan (Ph.D. student from Nanjing University, Oct. 2013-Oct. 2015)
  2. Xianjun Shen (Visiting Professor from Central China Normal University, Dec 2012-Dec 2013)
  3. Guo-Zheng Li (Visiting Professor from Tongji University, May 2012-Sept. 2012)
  4. Yongli Wang (Visiting Professor from Nanjing University of Science and Tech., Oct 2011-Oct 2012)
  5. WeiWei Xu (Ph.D. student from Wuhan University, Sept. 2012-Sept. 2014)
  6. Yanpeng Li (Ph.D. student from Dalian University of Technology, Oct 2009-Oct 2010)
  7. Liu Wei (Visiting Professor, Aug 2010-Aug 2011)
  8. Zhixiong Wu (Visiting Professor, July-Oct 2010)
  9. Lihua Wei (Ph.D. student from Nanjing University of Science & Technology, May-Oct. 2009)
  10. Ming Xu (Ph.D. student Fudan University, Jan 2008-Dec 2009)
  11. Yayao Zuo (Ph.D. student from Zhongshan University, March 2008-Jan 2009)
  12. Prof. Wu Chen (Visiting Professor, March, 2006-Feb., 2007)
  13. Dr. JiangTao Ren (Visiting Professor, June, 2006-Nov., 2006)


Ph.D. Student Awards: