IEEE DMIR 07 Schedule


May 21


8.00 -9.00am:  Keynote
9.10 -10.25am: Session 1 Information Retrieval (3 papers, each with 25 min)

1.      Evaluation of Open-Domain Question Answering systems within a time constraint, Elisa Noguera, Fernando Llopis, Antonio Ferrandez, Alberto Escapa

2.      Towards Answering "How do I" Questions Using Classification, Kelvin Wu, Lei Yu, Michal Cutler

3.      ARABIC SIGN LANGUAGE RECOGNITION An Image –Based Approach, Mohamed Mohandes, S. Ilyas Quadri, Mohamed Deriche


10.25-10.45am: Coeffe/Tea Break

10.45-12.00am: Session 2 Information Retrieval (3 papers, each with 25 min)

1.      Morphological Zerotree Compression Coding Based on Integer Wavelet Transform for Iris Image, Yuanning Liu, Xiaodong Zhu, Lingge Sui,  Zhen Liu

2.      Examining the Feasibility of Metasearch Based on Results of Human Judgements on Thai Queries, Shisanu Tongchim, Virach Sornlertlamvanich, Hitoshi Isahara

3.      WaveQ: Combining Wavelet Analysis and Clustering for Effective Image Retrieval, Dany Gebara, Reda Alhajj


 12.00-1.20pm:  Lunch
 1.20 -3.00pm:  Session 3. Information Retrieval (4 papers, each with 25 min)

1.          Using Two-stage Concept-based Singular Value Decomposition Technique as a Query Expansion Strategy, Xuheng Xu, Xiaodan Zhang, Xiaohua Hu

2.          A New Method of Cluster-based Topic Language Model for Genomic IR,  Jian Wen, Zhoujun Li, Lijuan Zhang, Xiaohua Hu, Huowang Chen

3.          Mining Visual Knowledge for Multi-Lingual Image Retrieval,   Masashi Inoue

4.          Position Paper: Proactive Documents - A new paradigm to access document information from various contexts,    Karlheinz Toni

 3.00 -3.20pm:  Coeffe/Tea Break
 3.20 -5.00pm:  Session 4 Data Mining (4 papers, each with 25 min)

1.          Filtering Spam Using Kolmogorov Complexity Estimate, Leanne Seaward, Lawrence Saxton

2.          A Semi-automatic Framework for Mining ERP Patterns, Jiawei Rong, Dejing Dou, Gwen Frishkoff, Robert Frank, Allen Malony and Don Tucker

3.          Applying Multi-Perspective Representation Scheme on Support Vector Machine, Jia Zeng, Reda Alhajj,

4.          An Investigation of Chip-Level Hardware Support for Web Mining,  Kin Fun Li, Darshika Perera



May 22

8.00 -9.00am:  Keynote

9.10 -10.25am: invited speaker Prof. Zoran Obradovic for DMIR 07

10.25-10.45am: Coeffe/Tea Break
10.45-12.00am: Session 1 Information Extraction (3 papers, each with 25 min)


1.      Learning Relations and Information Extraction Rules For Protein Annotation, Jee-Hyub Kim, Melanie Hilario

2.      ClusTex: Information Extraction from HTML pages, Fatima Ashraf, Reda Alhajj

3.      Extracting Significant Phrases from Text,  Yuan Lui


   12.00-1.20pm:  Lunch
    1.20 -3.00pm:  Session 2 Data Mining (4 papers, each with 25 min)

1.          Hybrid clustering of large text data, Jacob Kogan

2.          Reduction in Dimensions and Clustering using Risk and Return Model, Sayed Waleed Qaiyumi, Daniel Stamate

3.          Using Web Directories for Similarity Measurement in Personal Name Disambiguation, Quang Minh Vu, Tomonari Masada, Atsuhiro Takasu, Jun Adachi

4.          Privacy-Preserving Two-Party K-Means Clustering Via Secure Approximation, Chunhua Su, Feng Bao, Jianying Zhou, Tsuyoshi Takagi, Kouichi Sakurai,