Professor Michael Atwood

College of Information Science and Technology 

Drexel University 

3141 Chestnut Street 

Philadelphia, PA 19104 

(tel) +1-215-895-6273

(fax) +1-215-895-2494

College of Information Science and Technology
Drexel University


  • Ph.D. Cognitive Psychology, University of Colorado
  • BAMathematics, Psychology, University of Kansas


Recent Classes

Current Classes

         INFO 480 Ė Social Media: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Research Interests

  • Collaborative Design
  • Communication-Supported Cooperative Work
  • Organizational Memory
  • Knowledge Management Systems


Selected Recent Publications

Abraham, G. and Atwood, M., E. Patterns vs. Claim: How do they help in communicating interaction design advice? In Proceedings of21st Annual Conference of the Australian ComputerHuman Interaction Special Interest Group (CHISIG) of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia (HFESA). Melbourne, Australia, November 25-27, 2009.


Wania, C.E. & Atwood, M.E. Pattern languages in the wild: exploring pattern languages in the laboratory and in the real world. In Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology. Malvern, PA, May 7-8, 2009.


Atwood, M.E. & Wania, C.E. Design: Describing the blind menís elephant. In Proceedings ofthe 16th European Conference on Information Systems. Galway, Ireland, June 9-11, 2008. ISBN13: 978-0-9553159-2-3.


Wania, C.E., Atwood, M.E., & McCain. K.W. How do design and evaluation interrelate in HCI research? In Proceedings of Designing Interactive Systems 2006, New York: ACM, 2006, pp 90-98.


Horner, J. & Atwood, M.E. Effective design rationale: Understanding the barriers. In A.H. Dutoit, R. McCall, I. Mistrik, & B. Paech (Eds.) Rationale management in software engineering. Springer-Verlag, 2006, 73-90.


Atwood, M.E., McCain, K.W., & Williams, J.C. How does the design community think about design? In Proceedings of Designing Interactive Systems 2002, New York: ACM, 2002, pp125-132.



College of Information Science and Technology
Drexel University

3141 Chestnut Road
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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